Amber Necklace


Baltic amber necklaces for are made of 100% natural Baltic amber specifically for small children.


Unique design of this amber necklace can help your little one go through painful teething period. Amber have amazing healing properties.

Natural Baltic amber necklaces have anti-inflammatory properties. It  promotes fast healing and boosts the immune system. It aids in the reduction of acidity in the body and fevers. It is also recommended for allergies and eczema. Amber is an excellent natural antibiotic.

Average length is 10’’/25cm. This necklace is designed for babies 4 months + up to 2 years old. The necklace is very safe, knotted between each bead if by any chance it does happen to break, the beads will not scatter and become a choking hazard. The necklace is secured with a plastic clasp which will pop open when reasonable force is applied. Babies can wear the necklace at all times, even in the bath. They should be short enough so that babies can’t put any part of the necklace in their mouths.